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RelMap Consulting provides management leadership and oversight to bring resilience to your project teams.

We provide Project Managers, Program Managers and Scrum Masters that know how to keep project teams focused.

We have a number of tools and techniques for Project and Program Managers to evaluate the health of their projects.


SUCCESS begins and ends with having the right people, doing the right things, the right way, at the right time or put more simply, getting the right heads in the right hats.

Whether we manage a project or augment existing staff, all the employees at RelMap have only one goal in mind, our client’s goal, which is measured by their ability to achieve 100% client references! more...


The Agile manifesto was first published in 2001 and today it's finally gaining serious traction in the Midwest. Employers and employees are interested in new approaches to delivering projects with smaller project teams.

As a result, we provide Agile Training and Employee Communications Training to create effective and productive employees!

Thought Leadership

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Our "Why"

Elevating the Bar on Customer Satisfaction Begins with Sales


Operating in the Midwest since 2010

  • 2010-2012

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Founded in 2010 as RelMap Software, the word RelMap means Relationship Map.

    RelMap Software started as an application designed to answer the question, why do people fail?

  • 2012-2014

    RelMap Consulting is Born

    Fueled by our passion for understanding human behavior, we pivoted into Management Consulting as RelMap Consulting and brought forward our knowledge on human behavior and team dynamics.

    We created a number of tools and techniques for Project and Program Managers to evaluate the health of their projects and identify when a team member needs help - our Project Rescue Service was born.

  • 2014-2016

    Transition to Full Service

    We then began expanding our service offerings from Project/Program Management and Project Rescue services to include Software Development, Business Analysis, Data Management and Project Resilience.

  • 2016+

    Industry Expansion

    Our consulting roots began in the healthcare, finance, banking and transportation industries and by 2016 we had also expanded into new industries that included supply chain and higher education.

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Our Leadership Team

A Consultant Servitude Mindset

Steve Pieczko


Mike Sheridan

Partner and Business Development Manager

Steve has over 30 years of consulting experience in a variety of industries. Steve has a passion for building resilient project teams that can weather the storm of constant change. Steve is a regular speaker on Project Management topics in the Midwest.

Mike has over 30 years of consulting and business development experience. Mike has a keen sense on getting the right heads in the right hats, which contributes to our high client satisfaction rating.

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